The Genesis Project

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@genesis-project is the official steemit account of the genesisproject community. It was created with the aim of helping the community growth, encouraging members of the community on steemit, creating proper social, networking and marketable skills among Nigerian and general steemit authors. We aim at putting the "quality" back in quality posts.

Not just solely an account, but a viral network which has grown to a formidable size and is backed by numerous subcommunities within the Nigerian niche. The project boasts of support from numerous projects like the @onequality, Steemit In Nigeria, @redfishpillar, @leadent360, @steemit-virus, @africaunchained, euronation, lautech steemit community, steemitdotcom communities among others.

By using the genesisproject tag, you will be creating awareness for the genesisproject in the steemit community and showing the world what we are all about.
This project is more than an official mentoring program, it is a game changer.


Let's take the gen project deeper

Genesis project is a nigerian steemit community bringing the awareness of steemit to Nigeria. To earn more, you have to be more and do more, the genesis project aims to help repurpose writers towards liberation through the blogging talents in various field of life.

Aside the financial benefits, many Nigerians are creative and talented in various fields. The platform creates an avenue for talents to be discovered and creativity exploited to its fullest. Interacting and relating with different people and culture is an integral part of developing the human intellect, hence the genesisproject goal and mission is to ensure that every Nigerian is given this awesome opportunity to better themselves

To be your brother's keeper can never be over emphasized with the genesis project


The Genesisproject and Steemit

Genesisproject has being an essential part of steemit as much as steemit has been to the genesisproject community. It has contributed massively to the growth of steemit platform. So also has steemit has steemit played a principal role in the development of the Nigerian economy. You will agree with me, when you better the people, it reflects in the economic growth of the country.

Although Nigeria is not top on the list based on user activity on the platform, the steemit platform has been a medium to showcase what the true Nigerian ethics, culture and talents. Life changing relationships have been established within the steemit community.
Nigeria is being stressed here because genesisproject a Nigerian community initiative.

Pushing your boundary with genesis project

One of the reasons genesisproject came into the picture was to establish a mentorship program where newly registered accounts and also pre-existing users are trained to conform to, not just the steemit rules and regulations alone, but to a defined level of standard in various levels of relating and interracting with their steemit environs. It's simply beyond blogging to earn, it is blogging as a way of life.

The dream is to set up an atmosphere where anyone wants to open up a posts and see good, inspiring, educative, informative content. One can just open up the tag and feed their eyes with a stress free reading experience, with trending page worthy materials.

The genesisproject has a group where new and pre-existing accounts are mentored towards creating quality, educative and informative content to aid and better the steemit community.

The group also grooms it's members on how to relate well with others, interact intelligently and exhibit good and well cultured attitude on the steemit platform and the outside world.
Keeping checks on fraudulent and irresponsible activity is also an integral part of the genesisproject.


Taking it further

The genesisproject is made up of a strong team, with good training and capability to function, taking the community to its full potential. The team pioneered by two members of the nigerian curating team, @ehiboss, @ogoowinner, also has the backing of other curators @gbenga, @destinysaid, @fisteganos. The community has the great support and presence of some veteran members of the steemit community like @ausbitbank.

The genesisproject also incorporates a system which not only favors the high ranking steemians, but is also favorable to steemians with decent steem power and a hardworking and passionate mindset towards growth.People like @ceepee, @ememovic, @samminator, @gloglo, @blessing97, @plojslydia, @bekky, @steve1122, @bat-junior, @ttopswag, @tfame3869, @peterwrites, @camzy, @mimy, @mediahousent, @jade56, @turpsy, who are constantly and tirelessly working day and night towards the growth of the platform through the project, also adopting the role of leaders, can never go unnoticed

With the genesisproject in capable hands, with room for more expansion, the effectiveness and efficiency on steemit have been massive. The amounts of accounts that have been created and sustained from the support of genesisproject are running in hundreds.

The account is the fore front of the genesisproject community. It aims at portraying the goals and vision of the genesisproject community.
The account will be giving reports on the ongoing activities in the genesisproject community and its sister communities susch as the Steemit in Nigeria (SIN),redfishpillar, steem-virus, stach, africaunchained, airhawk-project, just to mention a few.

It will serve as a sustainability/promoting factor for its members' blog.
It will also extend its wings to the larger steemit community to benefit from. It aims at upholding the steemit community.
Genesis-project also aims at targetting growing talents of individual authors.

Thanks @samminator for all the genesisproject design used, the other images are from pixabay

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The dream is to set up an atmosphere where anyone wants to open up a posts and see good, inspiring, educative, informative content. One can just open up the tag and feed their eyes with a stress free reading experience, with trending page worthy materials.

This is a dream that is on our mind at genesisproject, it is ofcourse most paramount in the theme of this project the attainment of this great and sustainable level. I so much believe in the brain that set this up and in the team work exhibited by the member. It can be resounded that this will not just be the atmosphere of good content but also of worthy emulation by all and sundry.

The group also grooms it's members on how to relate well with others, interact intelligently and exhibit good and well cultured attitude on the steemit platform and the outside world.

The one purpose steemit has made so easy is interraction. It then depends on how we choose to interract. The ability to interract and communicate well is a strength which cannot be underestimated. The grooming infused in this group will place nigerians as the country with the best intellectual engagement on this platform. Thank you @genesisproject

This is more than a dream, it is a way of life that everyone must emulate

Wow! The eagle has finally landed. This is a small step of a man; but giant leap for mankind. Hail Genesis!!

The eagle has finally landed

I repeat, the Eagle has finally landed...

giant leap for mankind


Very beautiful initiative. Proud at how far you curators have gone for Nigerians on this platform, well done!

Thank you for those inspiring words

@ehiboss, this is awesome. The genesisproject is doing great. Stepping up with an official account will make things smooth. Never under estimate the power of a team. Good luck to you and your team.

@genesis-project...thanks for the kind words

Wow! This infact is a great initiative brought about by a great mind, now elevating Nigerian members.... This is a very big step..... Kudos!

I have been asking around to know more about @genesis-project. Now I have the full understanding of what's all about. Kudos to you all.

You are always welcome

I see a great future with genesis-project. Your good works in helping Nigerian authors succeed in this great community cannot be over-emphasized. You guys are really helping us get on our feet, so we don't run in and run out due to less attention. I stand by @genesis-project.

We see a great future for all too, thank you

It's a project with a far reaching tentacles, doing amazing jobs in guiding newbies aright.


Thank you so much

Nice move
Have been waiting for the official account
Nice project always helping us to get better on the steemit community

We promise not to rest until our better efforts become the best

Finally @genesis-project official account is up
Congract @ehiboss

Congrats to everyone...including you

I'm glad to be a member of this great family.
Brighter future ahead.

We are proud to have someone like you in our family

Congratulations to @ehiboss and @ogoowinner and the other curators who are supporting @genesis-project. Genesis project will be the best among the rest

Thank you so much @plojslydia, that is why we have members like you

I feel great to be a member of this great community...forward ever backward never for her.
Weldone to all the brain behind this project...

We love you too...

I must commend you @ehiboss for the fantastic job you are doing.
Great job......
keep the ball rolling....

@ogoowinner and everyone else is also doing a fantastic job too...

Lovely, something that is good is truly good ,even from the sound of the comments people.droped on this project ,I don't have any other choice than to be a.member ,more blessings ...

You are welcome anytime...

Thus is great stuff, do many talents in Nigeria, we just need to reach out to them

do many talents in Nigeria, we just need to reach out to them

And we are doing just that

This is just the beginning, I look forward to seeing this platform excel

Indeed it is, thank you

Very happy for genesisproject. Put more oil on your heads to achieve the set goal.

Fantastic initiative guys - following some of you since a while and you do great work for the entire community, not only Nigeria. Keep that up, following the new account obviously.

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God bless this wonderful team @genesis-project.God will bless you all for the wonderful work you guys are doing. @lapb

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Hello friends, I have a question
Is this tag only for Nigerians? @genesis-project
Greetings from Venezuela

I want to be part of this!

I joined this league and I came to see what we are about, and I'm astonished at how enlightening this post is... it sets an example for my future works. I'm proud to be part of genesisproject. the name's @jou. holla at me so we could connect.


How can I be a part?

How does one become affiliated with rhis amazing community, telegram group, discord channel,whatsapp. @mynigeria would like to partake in the benefits of being assosciated with @genesis-project as we aim to promote steemit and lives across Nigeria.

I can't thank this wonderful team enough,the work you guys are doing is awsome. Is not man that will bless n reward but God. Duo haven't be oppurtune to meet u guys but oneday we surely gonna meet. Thank you for the great on ur curate trail hope that helps.@lapb

More power and blessings on all your endeavours. Thanks for the support thus far

Thanks for believing in the dream

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