S. I. N = SIN


--JESUS says when the HOLY SPIRIT comes, HE will reprove the world of sin
--The HOLY SPIRIT makes a believer to recognise sin and flee from it
》》What is sin? All unrighteousness is sin
》》Transgressing GOD'S law is sin
》To some people, when you mentioned sin,they will say please don't judge me
》Hnnn! You better balance yourself in the light of GOD'S' WORD before the sin you are hiding expose you to the wrath of GOD
》》What is full meaning of S. I. N?
→Satan impacted nature
→Simple instruction neglected
--Through one man, sin came to the world and death follows
--Sin brought all sorts of predicament to the life of man
--Man was tempted and was drawn away by his lust and fell alongside
--Then,when the lust has conceived, it brings sin,and sin brings forth death
--By the sin of one man,death passed onto all men
--Through one man offence, judgement to condemnation was pronounced to all human kind
--It was sin that plucked man out of the presence of GOD and the Garden of Eden was divinely shut
--Sin made man to become vagabond, no resting place
--Sin eventually changed the delicious food of man to thorns and thistle
--Multiple of sorrow was brought to the woman through sin
--It was a lamentable scene, sin has shorten the life span of man
--Sin turned the glory and honour of man into shamefulness
--Man became helpless and hopeless
◆Sin! Is that deadly and corrosive you are?
--Sin brought both the man and earth under a great curse
--Sin made a king to become a slave and nonentity
--It was sin that made man unjust and unrighteous before the holy God
--Man began to live in the state of impurity and defilement
--Sin made man to die spiritually and lost communication with LIVING GOD
◆◇No! The eyes of a sinner can not see the GLORY of GOD
◆◇No an atom of sin can get closer to the GOD of LIGHTS
◆◇It was sin made GOD not to even trust HIS angels and the saints
--Since Adam, man became filthy and and has been drinking sin like water
-'Everyone born of a woman came with the nature of sin (inherited sin)
Every soul that sinneth shall die
◇◆GOD has a standard, HE doesn't compromise
◇◆GOD'S standard is "HOLINESS and PERFECTION"
--The wages for sin remains death
--The Bible says,GOD is angry at the sinner daily
◆◆Glory be to the FORGIVING GOD WHO doesn't have pleasure in the death of a sinner
◆◆Glory be to the GRACIOUS GOD WHO sent HIS only begotten SON to die for our sin
◆◆Praise the LOVING GOD WHO want all sinners to repent and be saved
★ Romans 5:8 But God commendeth his love toward us, in that, while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us.
◆◆Thanks be to our LORD JESUS WHO died in our stead and has taken away the penalty for our sin on the cross of cavalry
◆◆Thanks YOU JESUS, we returned all the glory to YOU LORD
◇◇In CHRIST JESUS am free indeed
◇◇Am totally free from all generational courses
◇◇Am completely free from the power of sin
◇◇Am permanently free from the penalty for sin
◇◇I shall be wholly free from the presence of sin
◆◇Brethren please, do not be an ingratitude, let your life both private and public glorifies CHRIST JESUS in all ramifications
◇◇All the glory, honour, praises and adoration to the LORD JESUS