Effects And Causes Of Drug Abuse


The most terrible act among youths this past few years is drug abuse. Youths now engage mostly in drugs, either ingested orally or through needles. The rate at which drugs is been abused even supersedes alcohol intake.

The number one cause of drug abuse among youths is peer influence. Most youths are influenced by there fellow peers, seeing your friends abusing drugs all in the name of fun, you are then persuaded and convinced how good you will feel when you also try it, you give it a try, get addicted and that's all.
Sometimes it could also be caused by environment and background. The vicinity you grow up and the people we grow with also matter, having people all around you abusing drugs gives a better chance of you be lured into the act.

Most youths these days also abuse drugs hoping to use it as an escape route for depression, anxiety, frustration and other psychological effects. These psychological problems could arise from home, maybe he/she witness a fight between his/her mum and dad, or school problems and sometimes relationship issues.

The effects of these drugs are very detrimental. Imagine people using cough syrup without having the ailment, using and injecting drugs that weakens the body just to feel high like they call it.
All these drugs that are been abused have adverse effect on the brain. Many youths have become the victim of mental and psychological disorder just because of drugs.
Abusing of drugs even cause instant deaths in some cases, and causes death indirectly in many cases. For example, taking of the so called swivnor or cough syrup makes someone dull and partially inactive. Imagine such a person takes the car key, drives and have an accident which leads to death, such a person died on drugs.

The issues of drug abuse is too rampart in this modern day and special attention should be shifted to it.