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My Genesis Mining Returns

in genesis •  2 years ago

Did you get $104 from a $1300 investment in about one month? That is about 8% return in just one month!

Compared to traditional investing that is an awesome return..


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its actually roughly 61 dollars for the month. The chart covers just 1 month, but if you look at the starting amount, you will need to subtract that. The other issue is the expenses involved. Typically with a true investment, you get your principal back. Issue with genesis when you buy the contract, that money is essentially gone. You will need to subtract after roughly 2 yrs (except sha25 bitcoin) the amount you paid in...roughly 1300. Now compared to bitconnect, so far atleast theoretically (provided it continues to do what it says its going to do). With a roughly 5000 or so investment...I am making anywhere from 40-100 dollars a day. Ill basically pay off my principal in around 3-4 months.