Genesis Mining Dash upgrades maybe ?

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Hello steemit people, i am happy to see that genesis mining is back with some haspower options.

There was a bitcoin mining contract option to mine for 5 years but that is already sold out.

The other new contract is x11 hashpower dash mining 2 year contracts.

genesis dash.jpg

I was looking for the profitability of those. It looks like you get roi in about 13 months with the current dash prices, but that will change.

The difficulty obviously will go up so you will get less and less dash coins, but i speculated some more about this. Lets say you buy the minimum haspower what is 3000 MH for 102 usd but you dont just wait for the roi and do nothing, its better to upgrade your contracts so for example you upgrade 3000 mhs weekly that way you beat the difficulty increase.

In theory you can increase your earnings exponentially if you grow faster then the difficulty of mining. The problem with this strategy is scale, genesis has fixed resources and will be sold out but there was a time back then when it was possible to upgrade for many months.

Hopefully this Radiant offer from genesis will be expanded.

If you are a miner please share your thoughts on this post, am i speculating good or its waste of money like the previous dash contracts ?

I think its different this time and when the bear market is over it will be even better lets say the prices double and roi will be halved thats a great oportunity then :)

Feel free to use my affiliate code for your upcoming hashpower upgrades it is: Oog8WC

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