Pick Axe the Cloud!

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Hey all!

So I have started a thread on Reddit where I will be matching someone's Genesis Mining hash buy (as long as it is the lowest amount) EVERY OTHER WEEK! Not only that, but in order for these people to know when I use their code I will be posting their code in a new series I am calling "Pick Axe the Cloud"

Its a win for me, win for them and we both get a little promotion! I know this whole Genesis Mining thing sounds more like a MLM scam but why not play with it. I love to diversify and this is a great way to add to my never ending list!

Don't forget to follow to see when I use your code, or just to read up on my nonsense like "Pro Tips" or "Cryptovestments" Also if you want to be part of this "Cheap" list use my code: PBjeNJ

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All my images got removed... Sorry

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