Genesis Mining ExperimenT 2.0

in genesis-mining •  2 years ago

A question I get asked, way too often, "is Genesis Mining profitable" or should I just buy and hodl!?

In this short video I show how to buy mining hash power, as I prepare and explain my ExperimenT.

Click here


I bought the CHEAPEST contracts available.

$30.00 BTC 0.20 TH/s,

$30.00 ETH 1.0 MH/s,

$30.00 DASH 5.0 MH/s,

$50.00 Monero 60.0 H/s .

Total coat 0.054 BTC. Let's see how long, if ever, it takes to get into profit...

I'll be updating this weekly.

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I was super excited about the first experiment. It's how I started following you. It was the first video watched

I bought the CHEAPEST contracts available.

When you buy the smallest contract, the price per hashpower is higher not lower. This means that you bought the most expensive not the cheapest!

In the end it is all about luck. If you purchase a mining contract andthe coin value goes up you be in profit quicker. If it goes down you may never get you money back...

Ok that souds intressting i looked at this page maybe a mounth ago but i still dont invest because it take to long for me befor i got my money back. I will upvote and follow you to see when you good the break even. Thank you for sharing

Greez bluchr

BTC contract will get cancelled as the difficulty rises as it will become "not profitable" (which is mentioned in the T&Cs)
Dash will take a while and unless its difficulty shoots up id say you'll make money overall
Eth will take forever but will probably get your money back
Monero - no comment. Could be a sleeping beast.
However all that said fiat wise you may earn more. But coin count wise you may lose out and ultimately lose value that way.

So im excited for this and you may end up showing a lose of value. However there seems to be 2 types of people around now
Holders - coin count is everything and fiat value is irrelevant long term (im moving this way)
Sellers - how much fiat can they get now. Pump and dump. Trade it away and make a quick profit.

No one knows the future and we all have our beliefs. Personally i like to hold a top 5 and mess around with a small amount of coins :)

But i like genesis and i find it fun seeing daily payments. Also makes for good video material for regular updates lol

Kenn love your vids man I resteem your stuff on occasion. Keep it up. Just thought I'd let u know how it goes.


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Cool experiment, looking forward to see how it turns out. I think it should go well, my son got in on Genisis Mining almost two weeks ago and every day he's making money so I expect your experiment should too. I also entered your Litecoin contest, can't say no to some nice crypto's can I - LOL ;-) Thanks!

that's great man thanks for sharing code i get 3% discount in any purchase Gensis mining is the best website ever for mining cryptocurrency keep it up thumbs up for this post i'll waiting for you'r next post :)

wow.. such a large investment.. congratulations

I have a contract in HashFlare, I'm mining ETH, i should get the Roi around the 120th day, i will share information to compare vs. Genesis