Do You Believe in The Steem Community? How Do We Build The community again?

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Hello everyone, I’ll love to start by saying there are lots of social media’s platform available currently (e.g Facebook, Twitter and instagram etc) and you will agree with me when I say those social media’s ain’t adding anything to 90% of its users bank account but those media still find away on staying in trends. Now the question is why?

Why is the Steem community dying

1.) The mindset and mentality of we the users: eventually everyone of us sees Steemit as a business and it isn’t our fault but that was how the community was presented.

2.) Lack of interaction within users; In as much most of us are highly influential in the community and the class boundaries is necessary , it is also necessary to communicate with low class users, in as much as you feel they ain’t impacting in the community but their articles and time keep the community fun. Do not forget that it is the low class individuals that is keeping Facebook and Instagram running today.

3.) Greed; we ought individuals to spend their quality time writing articles and in the end even if it is a high quality or low quality article it wouldn’t get any recognition and same user who spends his time writing will see a similar article that maybe even low in quality than his trending and will start asking himself why. And it boils down to the fact that we only upvote our friends neglecting the what the Steem community vision is all about.

What are the possible solutions?

I’ll love you to share your thoughts and idea in the comment section. In my next article I’ll make mention on what I think can be the possible solution. Thank you

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