What is with all this divide?

in #gender2 months ago


I just have to say that I am so sick of the topic of racism, the media peddling propaganda intended to promote division and hatred, while the world topples around us. We are not supposed to notice that, the world toppling that is. Oh, and suddenly all the gender confusion.

We are not born racists. We are taught to be. Most of us are not gender confused. We are taught to be.

Not to say that there are not chromosomal confusions, and that for some, trying to figure out gender identity is real. Also, I believe that many are just born gay, with a natural proclivity of sexual attraction to another of the same sex.

And, unless we really do have a choice about who we come into this existence as, we do not choose the colors of our skin.

But what happened to just tolerance of each other? I thought we were all on the way towards this? Remember Dr. King and his message, judge others by the content of their character? And suddenly, we are supposed to just hate each other for the way we are born?

I'm certain that babies do not come into the world all perplexed about it.

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