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RE: When was the last time you got your sexual chromosomes checked?

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Well gender and sex are two separate concepts. Someone can be a biological male and a trans female at the same time. We don't pick who we are, we are who we are. I didn't choose to be a heterosexual male, thats just how I am. Now perhaps there are (some) people choosing to be what they are not, but the world shouldn't punish the many for the actions of the few. IMO of course.


Even those who are just going through a phase shouldn't be preassured. The only thing you ever get from cornering people is a defensive attitude.

There's people who get offended at trans people getting offended if called, for example, by the name they don't wish to go by. Those same people don't care every time their favorite artist changes their name and may even celebrate it. If you were mispronouncing someone's name, does it make sense to be surprised at them not taking it well?

There is danger is responding when a Spark is called and your name is Fire