I'm sick of humanity’s delusion of this idea that any difference in men and women is just some social construct.

in #gender2 months ago


It’s actually biology/science. I think of this as science denial, and to a level fraud.

I post this because I’m sick of seeing people act like the differences between the sexes is just made up by humanity when the reality is we are hardwired to have different traits and different wants and different needs. I think most people fail in relationships because they only see things from their viewpoint, and hence don’t work to see the actual real wants and needs of the opposite sex (which are extremely different generally)

I’m trying to make sure humanity stops making this mistake and starts being honest. That we tell the truth that men and women are different and they seek different things and we are not the same in many ways.

I’m upset that people lie to themselves and think that men and women are the same and that we want the same things, and that any deviation from this is just social constructs. No, it’s biology.

I’m all for equal rights under the rule of law, but outside of that, this idea that men and women should be viewed as having the same wants and needs is unscientific and anti-biology. The fact is men and women are built differently. One is pumped full of testosterone and the other full of estrogen. We have masculine and feminine traits and ignoring this is a dangerous and harmful game.

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