How to modify a baby piano

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Hello colleagues of Steemit.

On this day I decided to modify my daughter's piano that did not have AA batteries, with recycled card materials.

Material's list:

  1. LED diode.
  2. A diode 1n4001, 1n4002, 1n4003, 1n4004, 1n4005, 1n4006, or 1n4007.
  3. One female and one male usb port.
  4. Tin.
  5. Rechargeable battery.
  6. 5.1K Ohm resistor.
  7. Silicone.

Recycled card materials

Part of the materials already extracted.

Starting with the modify operation.

Connect the resistance to the positive side of the LED diode.

Connecting the battery and diode to the female usb port

Modification finished

Testing if it charges with the recycled charger

charger already modified

Connection plane

Well, gentlemen, as you can see on the map, the LED is to know if the piano is charged, the resistance is placed because in the tests that I carried out, the LEDs burned out and the resistance is connected to the anode of the diode 1n4001.

Note: Use a 1n4007 diode but the most recommended is a 1n4001 diode, although I put several diodes in the material list.

In the next video the baby piano is already working.

Photos taken with my Moto E4 cell phone. camera application (Best Camera)

Thanks to @lebekons for creating this image

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