I Miss Drinking Coffee

in #gems3 years ago

I used to drink coffee on a daily basis, at least once a day. It was like something I cannot live without. After work, I would check the ref and drink my bottled coffee. I made my own coffee and put them in bottles and chilled them in the ref for me to enjoy the entire day. I could finish 1-3 bottles per day.


Today, I can no longer drink coffee that much because of my kidney failure. We are not allowed colored drinks like coffee because it is rich in Phosphates. Dialysis cannot really remove Phosphates in our blood that is why we need to take Phosphate binders while we eat our meals. Binders are expensive. If we absorb a lot of Phosphates it would suck the Calcium in our bones and mess up our parathyroid and cause us a lot of issues such as deformities and broken bones. It also causes too many complications and sudden death.

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