Falling for the Hype

in #gems3 years ago

My daughter is a fan of KPop, because she was born in the times when KPop was getting hyped and all. I remember when she was 2 and she would dance to 2ne1's entire album. Now, that she is a teen, it has switched to make KPop groups and her favorite so far is BTS. McDonald's has this limited edition meal dedicated to them and my daughter wanted to have it. Today is a Sunday, so I tried to see if the fast food would have less people so I can get the meal easy. I went there early in the morning and indeed it was quiet. I ordered and surprised her with it for breakfast. She was so happy and wild about it. She took lots of pics and would not even want to eat it. It's weird seeing all that but as long as she is happy, that is all that matters.




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