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Medicine is a complicated profession, like a several others. This is not a profession for everyone, it need sacrifice, dedication and too much vocation. When you begin to understand the function of the human body (The most better and perfect machinne of the world) you will in love from medicine. But you have the compromise to server for another people. You compromise to study so hard to know how to help the people.

Sometimes the doctors don't eat, don't sleep very well, don't exercise and don't do the several things to they are recommended to others people. The medical life is a really hard lifestyle, but is the most gratefful and beautiful too. You feel so good when your patients feel better, when they go out to the hospital completly recuperate. Is not easy, but you know what says people... Dream big and work hard.

When I was started to study medicine nobody say me it is so hard. Well, yes some people say me "why medicine" is a very long road. But I refer, study its the easy part of this history.

But nobody says you all hours you dont sleep. Nobody say you how speak for first time with a patients. How do you comunicate with mom in pediatric area. nobody say you what do you feel when a patient die.

In conclution, yes medicine is a hard and very long profession. But if you ask me if I was studied again, I say you of course yes!. So remember, if you have friends, couple or family studying or work like a doctor you need understand sometimes we need only sleep, nice words and delicious food hahaha.
Over time you acquire the ability to sleep in any space and situation.

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