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It have to many ways to define the happiness. All persons have their own concept about happiness. So, today I talk about my vision of happiness.

I think all peopla ask theirself for a one time of their life about what is happiness. Is it a utopy? does it really exist? Are we always happy?

Personally, I think we become too obsessed with happiness, trying to be happy all the time, just showing our best face. Social networks show us so perfect and happy lives that we have idealized a way of life that is far from reality.

Perfect travels, perfect photos, perfect foods, perfect bodies, perfect families. . . Don't you doubt about the perfection on social media?. Social media is a big lie. People's lives are not so perfect. You are not always happy, not always perfect.

For me happiness is in simplicity. Happiness is enjoying life. Enjoy a good coffee. Watch a sunset. Listen to the song of a bird. Happiness is in the little details.

What is happines for you?

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