Is real the perfect body?

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Social networks are fill of perfect bodies and people to say us how to have a perfect body. Some times we feel bad because don't see us how these persons on internet. So, ask you... really... is real the perfect body?

I think the perfect body exist and this is your body, my body, all bodies, fat and little, tall, fit, all bodies are perfects. Think is that... If you have a healthy body, believe me yo have a perfect body. So many people kill for have a healthy an funtional body, and you have one, enjoy about that.

eat healthy foods is very important this is true. But obsess about calories, portions even stop to eat a group of foods is so dangerous for your body. The balance is the most important if you want to work your body. Eat healthy, but delicious. You do a balance diet, you do exercise for 30 minutes diary and be happy. You need search your best version, not copy the body of another person, because you never been how another peoples, because you are special and unrepeatable.


Enjoy your body. If you want to change some thing about this you need to undertand is for health and not for to be like a X,Y and Z person. Enjoy the process, enjoy the change and be happy with everything you have in your life.

And remember for you have a beach body, you only need a body and go to the beach. Happy day hive, see you in the netx post...!

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