Realities for reflection 86: Friends

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Who wants to keep a friend, observe three things; honor in presence, praise in absence, and help in need. GIUSEPPE GIUSTI.

A faithful friend is a solid defense and he who has found it has found a treasure. ECCLESIASTS.

Books are the best of friends: they give us advice in life and comfort in grief. RICHARD WITHELOCK.

Man, however wise, needs the advice of sagacious friends in the affairs of life. PLAUTO.

If you are free from enemies because you did not injure anyone, there will be others who are so out of envy.

Do not plot any evil against the friend who has placed his trust in you. BIBLICAL.

We all suffer; but talking about this comforts us. VOLTAIRE.

God take care of my friends, because of my enemies I will take care of myself.

We should try to have good friends who teach us what is good and bad and bad enemies who prevent us from doing wrong.


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