Realities for reflection 85: Friends

in #gems3 years ago

A friend deserves any risk on our part. E. YUNG.

The only way to win a friend is to be friendly. R.W. EMERSON.

We must consult everything with the friend, but first, we must consult if it is. GAMEF.

He who wants friends without defects will not have friends.

Don't wait for your friend to come to describe your need. JUAN LUIS VIVES.

A renewed friendship requires more care than one that has never been broken. F. LA ROCHE FOUCAULD.

It takes time to make friends and even longer to undo it. PYTHAGORAS.

When we are with a friend, we are neither alone nor are we two. BARTHELEMY.

Anything can and should be freely said to the friend and the wise. MIGUEL CARO.

To win friendships the best way is to make them. BELTRAN GRACIAN.

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