Realities for reflection 84: Friends

in #gems3 years ago

Do not despise any of your friends if they are good or praise any of your friends. It is bad.

No one is as dangerous as an ignorant friend.

Never offend a friend even in jest.

We do not esteem our friends for their ability to have fun, but for what we have to amuse them.

I don't need friends who change when I change and nod when I nod.

My shadow does it so much better. GAMEF.

There is no friend or brother if there is no hand money.

When the voice of an enemy accuses, the silence of a friend condemns.

What we like about our friends is the attention they give us. TRISTAN BERNARD.

Those who know how to succeed are far more numerous than those who know how to put their victories to good use.

Friendship is a disinterested trade between equals. O. JODSMITH.

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