Realities for reflection 83: Friends

in #gems3 years ago

Misfortune tests friends and discovers enemies.

In friendship and in love we are often happier from ignorance than from knowledge.

If you become unhappy, hide it so that your enemies do not rejoice.

If you don't have friends, it is a sign that fortune has forgotten you. GAMEF.

I am only a friend of virtue and of those who are hers.

If you are friends with the captain, you can dry your hands on the sail.

If you want your enemy to go to hell, try to get him to manage someone else's property. BIBLICAL.

If you want to make a judgment about a man, see who his friends are. GAMEF.

If your enemy has wronged you, take a drum from each of his children.

Feeling at ease and dislike for the same thing is certainly friendship.

There is no mirror bigger than that of a friend.

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