Realities for reflection 81: Friends

in #gems3 years ago

The worst currency with which you can pay your friends is advice, the only currency is help.

The best authors are always the severest critics of their own work.

Flatterers resemble friends, as wolves resemble dogs.

Friendship doubles joys and divides sorrows in half.

The selection of friends is not indifferent if you frequently treat vicious people unless it is very strong, it is easier to fear that they will corrupt you than to expect them to correct you.

Friendship is a reciprocal benevolence between two beings equally enthusiastic one for the happiness of the other, and enthusiasm that is preserved by the uniformity of customs.

Friendship is a perfect agreement on all things divine and human together with a reciprocal feeling of benevolence and affection.

The perfect friendship is the one that exists between good and legal men in virtue.

The friendship that can end was never true.

The tongue of the bad friend, cuts more than the knife.

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