Realities for reflection 80: Friends

in #gems3 years ago

The friend is like a precious metal, check it before you buy it.

Friendship is like a savings piggy bank, of what you can get out of need. When you have deposited. ZOHAR VAIJI.

In the rich man's house, strangers become friends and family, but in the poor man's house, friends and relatives become strangers. PERUSH HAMEIRI.

What your heart thinks of your friend. Your friend's heart thinks the same of you. (BIBLICAL).

A faithful friend is one who offers you his money when you need it and his heart when you are distressed. HAPENININ 25.

Expensive friends are the ones who never pay the bill.

You have to know the enemy in order to defeat him.

Friendship has no limits, neither by age, nor by social condition, type of work, reason, creed, or ideology. GAMEF.

A loyal friend laughs at your jokes, even if they are not so good, and is sorry for your problems even if they are not so bad.

The most dangerous enemies are those against whom nobody cares to defend.

True friendship exists only between the good.

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