Realities for reflection 78: Friends

in #gems3 years ago

He who makes peace with the enemies of his friends hurts Friendship.

The friendship that does not demand anything, nor is it ever played, is almost always a weak friendship.

A friend of all is not a friend of anyone.

Estimating everyone the same is the same as not estimating anyone.

Between two friends, only one of them is a friend of the other. GAMEF.

Expecting common sense in people is proof of not having common sense. EUGENE ONELL.

Being content with little is the greatest natural wealth. SOCRATES.

The human heart is full of absurd things.

The brother is related by blood. The friend is a relative by spirit.

If it takes a long time to conquer a friendship, much longer you should reflect before making it.

What is friendship? A heart united between two bodies.

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