Realities for reflection 77: The envy

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Envy is sadness for the good of others and regrets the happiness of another. MERITXELL HERNANDEZ.

Envy is a declaration of inferiority. NAPOLEON BONAPARTE.

Envy is the wrath of the fainthearted. ANTONIO DE SOLIS.

Envy is so skinny and yellow because it bites and does not eat. FRANCISCO DE QUEVEDO.

The silence of the envious is full of noises. GILBRAN JALIL.

Do not be impatient because of the evildoers, nor be envious of those who do iniquity.
For like grass, they will soon be cut down and will fade like the green of the new branch.
Trust in the Lord, and do good, and you will dwell on the earth, and indeed you will be fed. SALMS 37: 1-3

Envy are emotions that slowly destroy us, without realizing that the procession is going inside. Remember Solomon, one of the wisest men of humanity, said: "Envy corrodes the bones."

To envy is to desire what the other has. Excellence and triumph always bring envy. Nobody envies a wretch or a beggar. Achievements, recognition, home, money, family, partner, friends are envied….

Every other person's achievement can be a challenge for you. The success of the other should not be a reason for envy, but a source of inspiration, when you achieve your purpose you must be a blessing to others. To the one who knows how to give, even more, will be given. There is no envy that can stop you, destroy you, or limit you. God is always with you.


I love your skills of writing 👍👍

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