Realities for reflection 76: Friends

in #gems3 years ago

True Friendship is a very slow-growing plant.

The true friend is the one who comes up to you in a hurry and asks how can I help you?

Friendship cannot be compared, but there are details that make it grow.

The most desirable garment of a friend is an accessible ear. MAYA ANGEL.

Friends are family we choose to have. JENE ADAMS.

Friend is anyone who has the same enemies like us.

I appreciate the friend that I find, a place for me in his agenda, but I appreciate even more the one who does not have to consult it for me.

No quality makes us more friends than sincere admiration for the qualities of others.

What we like about our friends is the attention they give us.

Friendships that are founded on interest, for the same interest ends.

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