Realities for reflection 73

in #gems3 years ago

Self-confidence is the first secret to success.

Everything comes to those who wait.

The true orphan is the one who has not received an education.

The passion of envy is like a grain of sand in an eye.

Nothing is impossible for those who do not have to do things on their own.

He who points to nothing gives nothing.

Statistics are humans with tears rinsed away.

Humor plays near the great bonfire that is the truth.

Whoever goes to bed early and gets up at dawn ends up arousing the suspicions of his neighbor.

Those who have ideas are strong, but those who have ideals are invincible. JOSE HAROSKY.

Man is ice to truth and fire to falsehood. LA FONTAINE.

Punctuality is a lack of respect, not time.

Everyone is innocent until proven guilty. GAMEF.

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