Realities for reflection 72

in #gems3 years ago

An ounce of vanity spoils a quintal of merit. COUNT OF SEGUR.

Flee from vanity and pride, because those are attitudes of the fool and the ignorant.

Some vain people who think they are perfect by showing off their finery show their flaws.

There are beaches like hunting grounds, where a man cannot even show his nose.

Punish the culprit who broke the natural scene where our artists sang, the birds.

Whoever feels satisfied is not in the routine.

Never despise a foreigner, because any day you may need his home.

Try to keep your words sweet and soft in case you ever have to swallow them.

The best of all is learning, money can be lost or stolen, health and strength fail, but what we entrust to the mind is ours forever.

Whoever reads knows a lot, but whoever observes knows even more.


This is really awesome. And very simple👌👌

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