Realities for reflection 71

in #gems3 years ago

To exaggerate strength is to demonstrate weakness. GIRARDIN.

Every object is a window through which we can look into the future.

The true measure of equality is in the spirit, what they think nobly are noble.

There are reproaches that are harder to make than to listen to.

Of all the means that fortune contains, the surest is perseverance and work.

Vanity is the need for selfishness. FERNAN CABELLERO.

The fool is a medium between the impertinent and the fool; it is the compound of one and the other. LA BRUYERE.

Vanity is the fear of appearing original; So it means a lack of pride, but it does not imply a lack of originality. FRIEDRICH NIETZSCHE.

Virtue would not go so far if vanity were not in his company. THE ROCHEFOUCAULD.

Vanity is self-love on display; modesty is self-love that is hidden. FONTENELLE.

It is better to consume vanities of life than to consume life in vanities. INES.

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