Realities for reflection 70

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The true enemy of man is oneself.

Hunters catch hares with dogs, many men catch the ignorant in flattery. PLUTARCH.

If a person feels good about himself, he will have the moral stimulus to achieve whatever he sets his mind to.

Humility makes men great.

Where there is abundance there is no speculation. GAMEF.

The attitude of the great poets is to encourage slaves and to terrify sports. WALL WHITMAN.

Great fortresses crumble when touched.

Each one will reap what they have sown.

Man is a tree whose root is the head that sinks into the stars. LUIS PASTORI.

Everything that the tree is flowery lives on what it has buried. LUIS PASTORI.

Commanding is not a privilege, it is an honor and a burden. ANDRE MAUROIS.

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