Realities for reflection 69

in #gems3 years ago

The truth is not something that should be put on a person's head like a battered towel but rather presented in front of him as a coat with which to cover himself.

Luck does not belong to those who seek it, but to those who find it.

A disappointment is worth more than a thousand illusions. SIMON BOLIVAR.

Trying to make a complete disappointment to a human being is a very difficult task. GAMEF.

For your peace of mind, sometimes it is not advisable to be well informed. GAMEF.

We are made of the same stuff as dreams. THOMAS CARLYLE.

A man is useless when he does not know how to command, nor does he obey. GOETHE.

Anything is possible to those who are not afraid of jobs. SENECA.

The word is of time, the silence of eternity.

All our knowledge comes from our sensations. LEONARDO DA VINCI.

Success is not measured by money.

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