Realities for reflection 68

in #gems3 years ago

Being worthy means not asking for what you deserve or accepting what is undeserved.

Silence separates more than distances. THE PEOPLE OF PARIS.

I prefer the errors of enthusiasm to the indifference of wisdom. ANTOLE FRANCE.

A fisherman told me that crab baskets don't need a lid. If one of them begins to climb the walls, the others prevent him by grabbing him with the pliers. I think some people look a lot like crabs.

The real problem with our leisure hours is preventing others from taking advantage of them.

The heaviest work is leisure.

The man who comes up with a new idea is a nut until that one succeeds. MARK TWAIN.

There is a real danger of owning too much: whoever has a watch always knows what time it is; he who has two is never sure.

True willpower is not telling anyone that we have quit smoking.

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