Hey @jacobts! I noticed you were sending a fairly substantial amount of steem to the bot compared to the minimum of 0.1STEEM, so I converted your upvote into 100% from 32% to give you a bit more of a return. It's not quite profitable on larger bids, so I'd suggest using 0.1STEEM for now, so that you get the most value for your STEEM. At 0.1STEEM, you can get around a $0.06 upvote from me, so that means 200% profit if you send only 0.1STEEM, since 0.1STEEM = $0.02~! :) If you wish to continue to send larger amounts, obviously that is fine too, as I will begin to use excess STEEM sent to request more delegations and increase the power so the return becomes greater over time. Thank you for using our service! We're happy to turn the vote to 100% for you! Best wishes! :)

Also, @ 1 STEEM sent, you get resteemed to @ezpromote, so the added value for a bid that high is the resteem in addition to the bot gaining power through delegation from us using the extra steem to request delegations. :P So ideally, I'd send no more than 1 STEEM for the time being, unless your goal is to just boost the growth of the bot alongside us, then, we still only accept a maximum of 2 STEEM/SBD so if your goal is to, in fact, boost the growth rate to increase your return, SBD would be the way to send larger amounts, as 1 SBD = 4~ STEEM. :) Thank you again for using our service! We are hands-on with this bot, so trust that you will receive real feedback from a real person about anything you may be wondering or if you feel like you didn't receive a fair vote/resteem deal.

On a side note, if you're into gaming, we will be releasing a post about our newly formed Minecraft server as well as outlying the format for competitions for reward on Starcraft 2, Magic The Gathering: Arena, Fortnite, and possibly other games as we are up to suggestions and will obviously be listening to our playerbase as to what they want to compete in.

Cheers! :)

Congratulations and all best on gaming! Thanks for the information! Appreciate your service! 😊


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