The freedom to transact is equal to the freedom of speech

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If you dont believe in Bitcoin than you dont believe in Freedom

Im amazed at the amount of people who still haven't figured out what crypto is all about and why it's so important. Many cant get past the idea that because it's not backed by anything physical it cant have real value. They're fools who are unwilling to open their little peanut heads and try to understand reality.

They choose to regurgitate mainstream bullshit in their annoying echo chambers and ignore the blaringly obvious revolution unfolding right in front of them. They dont realize that it's not just a digital currency that you buy and hope it goes up in price. It's TRUE power is so big that their peanut heads cant quite figure it out. Ya but but cant buy anything with it, they say with a goofy grin. As if just because the world has adopted it as global payment system in just a few years than it's never going to happen. Such a short sided view, it makes you wonder how narrow of a mind you must have to think this way. I'll never understand that way of thinking, it's sad actually. For those who continue to say "I just dont get it" it's time to open your little mind, stop repeating the lame ass excuses and learn the Truth!

The information is out there, it's all over the internet. Im not gonna do the dirty work for you, so get out there and figure it for your self before the opportunity passes you by. Go on....