BLM, Defund the police and Communist revolution predicted in 1968

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In this breathtaking speech in 1968, Edward Griffin describes how Marxist Leninists would use black Americans as a political tool to divide and conquer the free world. Going on to explain how the police would be defunded and cities would burn.

Edwards reveals Communist literature and training manuals, which describes a strategy for conquest and involves two kinds of revolution. One is violent. The other is non-violent.

While most Americans think only of violent revolution, the non-violent agenda is where most of the action is in the United States.

Marxists Leninists call it the "Proletarian Revolution", meaning the gradual transition to Communism meanwhile calling it socialism during its process. Full control over the people is achieved, not by guns or physical force, but by economic policies in which those follow orders of the regime will prosper, but those who resist will perish. In many emerging countries, people have no elected official government and bow to a dictatorship.

Sometimes they even become attracted to the concept of “strong-man” leadership. In these countries, Communists find that violent revolution is more effective. However, in America and other republic or democratic countries, the non-violent, parliamentary process of Communism is required. The main purpose of the violent phase of the communist revolution in America is to frighten the population and condition citizens to accept policies to adopt full-blown communism (of coarse under the name of socialism). This is the way by which the USA is being conquered by Communism.


The jews were expelled from literally every host nation that ever invited them in, throughout history.109 Countries, 359 times (Many of them more than once) since 250AD. 1,039 times if including smaller locations.It is documented. They call it persecution, but never give you the reasons. The reasons were always a mix of the same, time and time again. Here's a few of the popular ones; Opening the borders to outsiders (divide and conquer). Infiltration and subversion of the government and media, Blood/sacrifice rituals (still mutilating children today by way of circumcision or your local rabbi doing it with his teeth), --- Usury ---. Degenerate influence (owning the porn industries, pushing lgbt, owning the entertainjent and music industry, etc) Any of that sound familiar?

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History is repeating itself. Or are you saying that everyone , throughout history, who at first welcomed this international clique in with good intentions, was wrong about them?