Why Cardano is Going to Destroy ETH - Deep Dive Video Discussing Haskell

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Why Cardano is in fact the ETH Killer

5 Top Blockchain Communities






      I've been following Cardano since 2018 and the price went almost 20x and while I saw another altcoin I never heard of make quick millionaires over night.

Since that time ADA, Cardano's native blockchain token, has dropped to less than 10% of it's previous all time high. Many investors are hodling their bags in hopes is surpasses the hopeful $1 mark!

Cardano Community

      Cardano's community is among the most elite and active earning it the spot as one of the blockchain community leaders along with the obvious front runner Ethereum.

The big difference between the Cardano community and that of any other, is that they are well immersed in the technological aspects of how best to achieve true decentralized governance of a blockchain.

Check out my deep dive video on Cardano!