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Life happens! I mean life happens!! and lemme say it again, life happens!!! Sometimes it's easy to judge another even when we know it's wrong and we are likely to do the same if we find ourselves in such situation.


I stop judging people long ago, at least now I understand that we are humans and as humans we are prone to mistakes irrespective of our calling, culture nor profession cos we are all humans and humans are never perfect.

My heart beats and kept beating so fast for this story, up till this moment I still don't know what to say, maybe that's why am sharing this message so to get your reactions.

Here we go

Andrew, Thelma and faith were siblings who have lost both parents and no one was willimg to help, they struggling to make ends meet and yet had a good dream. Thelma had to go into prostitution to fend for herself and her siblings, she did all sorts of bad stuffs like drugs, prostitution, traveled to Italy from Africa and to some other countries. She made good money and gave Andrew and faith the best life they desired.

Faith studied in U.S.A all thanks to her sister and got a big job after she graduated, Andrew on the other hand studied in a Nigerian University and graduated with a good grade then got a good job here in Nigeria and was doing fine. Thelma had to come back to Nigeria and stopped whatever she was doing to find a new life. She met this super rich guy Charles and they started dating shortly after.


Charles loved Thelma with everything and Thelma on the other hand loved Charles a lot, she has given him every part of her heart to him only that she never disclosed her past. After over two years of relationship, Charles popped up the Super Question (Will you marry me), and they started planning for wedding. During the wedding planning, About 3 weeks to their wedding, someone revealed the past of Thelma to Charles and he was really angry.

Thelma begged and did all she could to save her relationship with Charles but all to no avail. She packed out of the house to Andrews house, meanwhile faith was back from U.S.A for her sister's wedding and didn't know what was going on, when she heard she went to see Charles at least to talk things with him and convince him in taking back her sister who is already broken and attempting suicide.


When she got there, she explained things to Charles and he was being head-strong then tried to walk her out of the house and she was refusing to leave. Charles tried to go her out and on grabbing her they both looked into their eyes and lost it. Started kissing and the rest was history, faith was made when she realised she had just slept with her sister's fiance. They were all mad at themselves, faith promised that the only condition she was not going to tell her sister was if he could take back her sister and go on with the wedding. Charles did cos truly he loved thelma so much. They went ahead and got married.

Few weeks later, faith realised she was pregnant, she couldn't stand to tell anyone about it cos she felt it's a heavy sign of betrayal on her part to her sister. She left her location and went somewhere far away to stay till her pregnancy was due. It was in the final stage of her pregnancy that Charles got to know about it and searched for the location then went to her although he was being secretive and acting rudely to the wife due to her childlessness after 10 months of marriage and she began to trail him till that day he was making calls to go see the woman who is having his child.

Unknowing to Charles he was being followed by the wife as he was going to see faith, getting there, faith was shocked to have see Charles and how he got to know about her whereabout, she tried to deny everything but Charles already knew and very calculative, then faith was of the opinion that Charles just leave her alone for the sake of her sister who will be very divastating on knowing the truth. They where still on that when Thelma walked into the compound with her friend to get them inside the act. Thelma was mad at the husband for cheating saying all sort of words, on taking a closer look at the lady, she discovered it was faith.


  • Where did it started going wrong with them
  • Who is at fault
  • What would you have done if you find yourself in such state

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