My Uptrennd Journey From Zero To Guardian

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My Uptrennd Journey


It was one year and one month and one day ago when I started my Uptrennd journey and at that time I was submerged in fake and scams airdrops. I was searching for online earning on Facebook and I found Uptrennd in one of the groups. And I joined it and started posting shit posts on Uptrennd as I was unaware of TOS. But my good luck as I found many guiders on Uptrennd and they guided me in perfect ways. Uptrennd is the best thing that I got from Facebook during my whole journey of 6 years as I joined Facebook in 2013 so I would like to say 'Thanks' to Facebook.

I posted my first post on April 6, 2019, which was bull post according to my present opinions. I got zero upvotes on this post and it well deserved zero.

Actually, first I considered Uptrennd as others website and airdrop so I stopped working on it for the next two months It was my bad luck but I have no regrets as I am now Uptrennd.

I again started working on Uptrennd exactly after two months and wrote a review about Uptrennd and on that post, I got 59 upvotes that motivate me to work on Uptrennd.

I keep on working blindly and not stopped posting about fake and scams site and Elena and Luke were continuously guiding me. But I was not hearing to these guidelines.

I completed 200 shit posts on Uptrennd on August 1, 2019. At that time I was only on level 15.

13 July 2019 was my best day on Uptrennd as Luke Guided me on how to write original content in Uptrennd Official Telegram Group. where e shared 3 articles with me and I followed all those articles to improve my writing and started earnings 2x and then after some 3x.

I wrote post a post about my journey of improving my content you can read here.

After that, I started focusing on my content especially in the comment section.

On 13 November 2019, in the morning Elena messaged me with an offer of becoming Vibe Ambassador( now Guardian). I accepted it and became very happy and started working with full enthusiasm and power. Now it had been about 6 months.


If I put the whole story in a nutshell then I can say If you want to be a successful Uptrenndian then do only two things.

  1. Write unique, original, and comprehensive posts.

  2. Do write quality and relevant comments.


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