My Journey From CopyCat To Content Creator?

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My Journey From CopyCat To Content Creator?
I am using media and the internet for a long time, I remember in 2012 the first time I got my Facebook account and them my journey of social media started, and then I have used alot of other social media like twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and alot of other. And also I Gained alot of followers and friends from these social but never get such a loving audience that I got on uptrennd.

They all are motivation and inspiration for me for writing good content. Especially Sir jeff, the Uptrennd team, and moderator are very awesome and hard working. I never wrote any original content on any other social media. I was always Copy Cat 😸. Then I came uptrennd and it totally changed my social media life and especially luke and Elena guided every time.

And then one Luke teach me how to write Original content and think creatively. And then I started writing original content on uptrennd and enjoying it alot.

In start started with writing short articles and short posts and then started writing some long articles. I have been focusing on tip and trick and Uptrenndian had been the motivation for me always.

After Luke and Elena, I started reading the original content of Jan, Maria -ana, jeff, steve, bursola, Romana, aloof more users that help me alot. Thanks to all guys for all these bits of help.

If you also want to write original content and want to read what is the importance of original content on uptrennd the read these articles from Luke.

Article No. 1
Article No.2
Article No. 3
I hope all these articles will help you alot. And read all posts of Jan, maria also all other articles of Uptrenndian.
Start Reading other than Writing yours
Read my original post on Uptrennd.

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