4 Big Changes In The World After coronavirus

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4 Big Changes In The World After coronavirus

The whole is going to change by 360 degrees after Corona and life will not be normal. We can see all the countries are affected by Corona though some have more deaths and some have less but the economy had badly disrupted in all the countries especially in developing countries. According to the World Trade Organization(WTO) if Corona stops very soon then we have destroyed so much that the world trade will be reduced by 32%.


Here are four major changes that we will see in our future life.

  1. Human will be Replaced By Robots In Industries:

Future life is going to be more robotics and they will replace humans in all the industries. In fact in Wuhan during the lockdown robots were used to supply food and other necessary things in homes. Robots have been very improved you can read more about the future of robots here.

  1. Fuel power will be replaced by Air And Hydropower

The world is going to produce electricity by using Wind power and Hydropower instead of fuel. As there are changes of contact through oil and CoronVirus can spread through contacts.

  1. The education system will be shifted online completely:

The whole education system is going to shift online and 5G technology is going to help a lot in this field. With the fastest Internet, it will be easy to deliver a lecture and other educational content. I would like to call the future generation as 'Digital Graduate'.

  1. Effect On Our Lifestyle

Our life is going to completely change. After Coronavirus as it is completely changed in Wuhan.

The future will not shake hands with each other.

The future will maintain social distancing.

People will buy all the things online though we have also a trend, now it is going to increase exponentially.

Work from home is going to a complete part of our life.

Hopefully, this situation will not last long and after some years(No one can tell exactly) we will be again live a normal life.

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