Syria's First Lady Annual Reception to Honor Top Students and their Parents

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In her annual reception honoring the country's students who achieved the full mark (100% marks), Syria's First Lady Asmaa Assad received 111 students and their families in the presidential palace in Damascus.

Her heartwarming encouraging messages to the students took the attendees were received very well by the attendees and the Syrians, in general, all over the country, especially it comes a couple of days after an Israeli heinous and cheap attack against Syria's Latakia commercial seaport, the country's main lung to breathe from during the past 10 years of US/ NATO/ Al Qaeda war of terror and war of attrition against the country.

You are our hope for a better future.
You are the generation that Syria is preparing to shake off the dust of war.

Mrs. Assad told the students and to the parents, she said: 'I want to congratulate the parents from my heart, you are the national treasure that sprouts such distinguished sons, and because I, as a mother, know what the role of parents is to excel, I want to tell you more congratulations than what I said to the students, because today, the harvest is the result of the years that you have been tired in.'

The 8 minutes speech and the English transcript of the speech in this report: First Lady Asmaa Assad Receives Top Marks Students and their Families.

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She's truly elegant and warmhearted, thanks for sharing the video and for the efforts in translating it so the real people of the world will see how the Syrian people are beautiful despite their ugly propaganda.

She is a cheerleader of murderous, sociopath tyrant. The majority of Syrians despise her secretly.
@arabisouri Everyone sees that you are using your fake account "marymi" & "ahmedsy" to comment on your own posts.
You terrorist shill and Assad sycophant. You are hiding in Germany milking and exploiting their benefits system as fake "refugee" while smearing Europe and Germany with perpetual propaganda of lies and hate directed at them. Your time is counted.
You have been investigated and reported to authorities.

Despite all the terrorism and pressure imposed on the country, Syria continues living and caring for its future generations.

Syrian people care for their future generations. Assad doesn't. Murderous, sociopath tyrant slaughtering Syrian children using chemical attacks and Russian airstrikes.

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