Is anyone into meditation?

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Meditation is a very personal activity. Either you want to engage in this peaceful gentle and empty stillness or not. If you do you are bound to be reaping physical, mental and emotional wellness benefits. How often you meditate depends on your want, commitment, discipline and your lifestyle.

The type of mediation you do is up to each individual. In a quiet place one can sit with eyes closed and crossed legged on a cushion with palms pacing up, or lie on one's back or sit with eyes fixed on a candle, walk, run or cycle in nature and so on.

Another option is offered by Deepak Chopra where one quietly chants a Sanskrit Mantra to help with staying focussed on the stillness. In partnership with Oprah Deepak has produced many 21 day meditation programs. The best part about these programs is that they are offered free. It is up to individuals if they wish to buy the meditation or not.

Currently Deepak and Oprah are running a free meditation program "Hope In Uncertain Times." It is part of the Global Meditation working together initiative So if your are meditator and interested in trying some of these meditations the next week or two or three please do. It is totally up to you of course.

You will find this specific meditation program on - Just register first.

Happy meditating

Cheers and Blessings