The US Terror War on the Syrian People

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In early 2011, the United States of America along with a number of countries, 84 of them, decided to change our government, oust the one we chose from our people and install a puppet regime working for them composed mostly of outlaws, terrorists, radical criminals and opposition members living abroad.


Until this very day, they did not leave us, and they are stating they will never do.

What do you want us to do?

The last time the USA did the same, helped Israel bomb our country and our neighboring country Lebanon, sent hundreds of its troops to Beirut, the only way to gain our freedoms was by resistance, as a result, 241 US troops were sent in body bags back to their families who received the Purple Heart medal because their sons were serving the corporations that run the USA, do you like a repeat? We don't, but do you?

If you also don't like a similar fate for your sons, husbands, wives, and mothers in the US army deployed illegally in our country, go to your senators and ask them to stop this madness, don't blame us for what you're doing. Also for the Europeans, if you don't like to receive refugees stop making refugees, focus on enhancing your own welfare instead of ruining ours, focus on making a better healthcare system for yourselves that do not collapse when faced with crises instead of destroying ours.

Image source: New Syria FB page.

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Anyone knows why my post got downvoted by this spaminator account?

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