The Empire that Fakes its History is Doomed to Fail

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Nobody disagrees that the native people of the Americas were subject to systematic genocide by the European invading settlers in order to steal their land, nothing changed in the mentality of the Europeans if we recall their cannibalism, barbaric wars among themselves that cost tens of millions of lives throughout their history and their criminal crusading campaigns including the one waged against Iraq by the USA, Britain, and Turkey, and the one currently waged against Syria and Yemen and the Palestinian people.


Not only did the European settlers slaughter the Native Americans and steal their land, they have also glorified their own warlords.

The so-called 'Red Indians' aka the native people of the Americas were literally wiped out and their remnants are reduced to tiny communities forced to run motels, bars, and hospitality businesses to support the casinos.

Those empires that are built on the skulls and bones of other people by the basics of history are doomed to get ruined, and that always happens in the most bloody matter ever imagined, since the human brains are always creative in new ways.

We, Syrians, and surely the rest of the world which was victimized, sorry: democratized and freed, by the USA and its stooges cannot wish the US people of European origins any good with their imminent collapse, we can only wish safety to the other non-European people of the former 'United' States of America to group together and survive the upcoming USSR-styled disintegration of the USA.

Image source: New Syria FB page.

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