Gemini is actively trading with privacy coins ! !

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Gemini is the first crypto exchange market which is actively trading with anonymous cryptocurrenciess after the Department of Financial Services has formally acquired Zcash trading. This is a step that may affect other confidential coins such as Monroe, Desi, PIVX and Verge.

"Regulations are essential for promoting innovations as well as for conservation of consumers and we are happy to provide our customers with a secure and regulated platform where you can buy and sell Zcash," said Gemini engineer Eric Winter.

The Financial Services Department has released a statement detailing how Zcash's blockquake works:

"The Zcash network serves two types of transactions, trapped and covered. Transparent transaction works like bitcoin: transaction balance and the number of people visible to the blockchain.

For hidden transactions, z-addresses are totally confidential. Transactions related to z-addresses are not visible to the public blockchain. Zcash is a digital, cryptographic based asset Zcash network, as bitcoin is a digital, cryptographic-based asset bitcoin network. "

Gemini has also gained recognition from bitcoin cache and lathakin, although they still do not show up on this platform.

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