Sirius Rising - The Lion's Gate in San Francisco (More August 11 Clues)

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Saint Francis of Assisi is deepening the riddle around August 11, 2019, and San Francisco. That date is being a numerological firework and also points to Jerusalem and the reconstruction of the Third Temple, to Donald Trump and to Philadelphia. In this post I will look again at San Francisco and the riddles it has in store for us.

Credits to Zachary Hubbard and his Gematrinator cummunity for much of the research.

Edit: Much of the St. Francis of Assisi information comes from The Glitch in Your Matrix

Learn more about the August 11 Riddle in this 2-hour video or skip to the Flashback section below:

Flashback of San Francisco Clues

The whole rabbit hole is much deeper than just the connections to San Francisco. However, the city seems to play an important role in the entire riddle and gets even more food with the content of this post. But let us first look at the most important points in regards to August 11 and San Francisco.

  • August 11 is the 223rd day of the year, leaving 142 days until the end of the year, with date numerology 58.
  • 8/11 gives us the numbers 811 and reverse 118, as well as 11x8 = 88
  • A Red Heifer announcement on September 4, 2018 started the rabbit hole (day leaving 118 days; equals 202 (like Skull and Bones), 222 (New World Order) and 58 (Solomons Temple, Herods Temple, Third Temple, Jerusalem, Freemasonry, Secret Society).
  • San Francisco was named after St. Francis of Assisi (who equals 58, 118, 202 in Gematria) and he read Psalm 142 on his death bed.
  • San Francisco equals 122 (so does Golden State, name-brother Pope Francis and San Francisco lies on the 122nd Meridian West) and 202, Francisco equals 88 and 322 (Skull and bones, reversed 233) and San Francisco, California equals 141 (811 is the 141st Prime Number)
  • The first settlement was created 88,888 days before August 10/11, exactly during the days of Tisha B'Av (annual fast day remembering the destruction of the two temples of Jerusalem)
  • San Francisco was incorporated as a city on April 15 (1850), so the anniversary is 118 days before August 11.
  • The Golden Gate Bridge refers to the Golden Gate in Jerusalem, symbolizing the arrival of the Jewish Messiah; construction was permitted on August 11; it equals to 223.
  • Gate of Mercy is an alternative name to the Golden Gate in Jerusalem and equals 118.
  • Predictive Programming in Hollywood destroyed the Golden Gate Bridge in a dozen different movies, i.e. by a Giant Creature (142) or Natural Disaster (223), and in Pacific Rim exactly on August 11.
  • Alcatraz has a perfect view on the Golden Gate Bridge and was opened on August 11, 1934. Also, Alcatraz equals Tisha B'Av in all four base English Gematria ciphers.
  • Summer Slam was founded in '88 and takes place on August 11, 2019; Hulk Hogan celebrates his birthday on that day as well (he fought the Twin Towers and was later in the New World Order tag team)
  • On August 11, 2019 the 1989 World Series Baseball anniversary takes place in San Francisco with the San Francisco Giants vs Philadelphia Phillies; 30 years ago, the game was disrupted by the first earthquake caught on US live TV.
  • Philadelphia equals 223 (just like Synagogue of Satan, which is mentioned together in Revelation), Philadelphia, Pennsylvania equals 118 and 1711 (just like August 11, 2019 is 17 years and 11 months after 9/11).
  • Robin Williams, who was leading San Francisco's comedy renaissance, committed suicide on August 11, in a most mysterious way, during a Family Guy episode all about him. He was born on 7/21, the 202nd day of the year, which equals Tisha B'Av and was also the first day of Tisha B'Av in 2018, the last Tisha B'Av before the one we look at.
  • Viral Grim Reaper animation over Golden Gate Bridge was published 1 year and 18 days before August 11, 2019.
  • Donald Trump, who is the 58th inaugurated president, owning the 58-floor and 202 meter tall Trump tower, laid hands on the Western Wall in Jerusalem on May 22, 2017. That was 811 days before August 11, 2019.
  • The HAARP patent was published August 11, 1987. This is important, as HAARP is likely to be able to induce earthquakes. The November 8 (11/8) California wildfires (equals 122, like San Francisco) destroyed the town Paradise, California (equals 118) with a fire tornado, close to Los Angeles, California (equals 118), both on the 118 Meridian West.

Ok, after this rather long reminder we can now look at the next puzzle pieces, specifically to San Francisco.

St. Clare of Assisi

We already know that the name giver for the pope and the city, St. Francis of Assisi, equals 118. Now get this: His number one follower was St. Clare of Assisi and she died on August 11, 1253 and accordingly is her feast day on August 11 as well.

St Claire of Assisi.jpg


The Franciscans order was created by St. Francis of Assisi in 1209 and is in its 811th year of existence during August 11, 2019.


Credits: The Glitch in the Matrix

Lion's Gate

Each year, you can see Sirius, the brightest star in the sky, disappear on May 22 and return on August 8 (88), through what is called The Lion's Gate. On 8/8 you can see Sirius 7° above horizon from the San Francisco coast, as soon as the sun disappears, with the belt of Orion pointing perfectly vertically downwards to the heliacal rising point of Sirius' appearance. This event coincided with the annual flooding of the Nile river in Egypt.


During this spectacle, the Earth and Sun are aligned with the galactic center, where the arrow of Sagittarius and the sting of Scorpio point to. This is the central black hole of the Milky Way and is also called the GOLDEN GATE.

The hottest days of the year are called Dog Days, because of this phenomenon with the Dog Star Sirius. This period varies but is in the modern calendars set between July 19 and August 11.

Lion's Gate equals 322:

322 Lions Gate.PNG

Isis and Osiris

The whole symbology of the Lion's Gate is connected to Osiris (Golden Gate, Sun, ascension, divine masculine) and Isis (Silver Gate, Moon, descension, divine feminine). Isis is represented by the Statue of Liberty in New York, standing on the 11-pointed star. 9/11 was potentially a huge sacrifice to Isis. The Silver Gate is near the Orion constellation. One could speculate that 9/11 and 8/11 (assuming there will be an 8/11) are a massive ritual to travel through both the Silver Gate and then the Golden Gate, to unite Isis and Osiris and give birth to Horus, the sun god. That is the holy trinity of Egypt, the Father, the Son Sun and the holy Spirit.

Golden GateSilver Gate
Horus Golden Gate.jpgIsis Silver Gate.jpg
Golden Gate.jpgSilver Gate.jpg

Learn more about this magic:


San Francisco was founded in the same year as the USA and the Illuminati: 1776. What is so special about that year is this:

888 + 888 = 1776

Donald Trump equals 888 and so does his popular book The Art of the Deal. I dedicated my last article about Donald Trump and his 88's.

The Art of the Deal also equals 202 and 77 (Trump loves 77 and 777).

202 The art of the deal Donald Trump.PNG

77 The art of the deal Donald Trump.PNG

Oh and by the way, the World Trade Center One is 1776 (or 2x888) feet tall.


Robin Williams Tunnel

We already looked at his birth and death day and that he was very important for San Francisco, which all fits perfectly into the riddle. But there is more:

Just north of the Golden Gate Bridge, is the Waldo Grade, leading through the Robin Williams Tunnel, previously know as the Waldo Tunnel. Robin Williams Tunnel equals 118 and Waldo Tunnel equals 141 (811 is the 141st Prime Number).

118 Robin Williams Tunnel.PNG

141 Waldo Tunnel (Robin William Tunnel).PNG

Robin Williams Tunnel Golden Gate Bridge.jpg

When we look at Waldo Grade, we see it equals 45 and 54. That is part of the riddle of San Francisco as well. Donald Trump is the 45th president.

Forty-Five and Fifty-Four are equaling 45 and 54 in Gematria. San Francisco's mayor London Breed turns 45 on August 11, 2019. She equals 54 in two ciphers. Golden Gate and Holy Bible equal 45/45 in the same ciphers. Mike Pence equals 45/45 as well. Bridge equals 45. On August 11, 2019, the Festival of Sacrifice begins, called Eid al-Adha in Arabic and equals 45 and 54. Baseball equals 54/54 and Major League 45, fitting, as we have the mysterious Baseball World Series rematch from the Loma Prieta Earthquake from 1989, taking place on August 11, 2019.

45 54 Waldo Grade (Robin Williams Tunnel).PNG

54 54 Baseball.PNG45 Major League.PNG

Also notice this incredible overlap of Holy Bible, Golden Gate and Waldo Grade. (90 is 2x45 and 180 is 4x45.)

90 45 Holy Bible Golden Gate Waldo Grade.PNG

New Zealand Shooting

I have already written about the riddles in the recent New Zealand shooting and how it connects to the August 11 riddle, i.e. with the PewDiePie drop and the 223/142 days from the attack to his next and previous birthday. But behold, there is more: not just one but both of the attacked mosques connect to our numbers.

Mosque 1 (101, 8011)Mosque 2 (223, 8011)
Christchurch shooting Linwood Masjid 101 811.PNGChristchurch shooting Linwood Masjid 223 811.PNG

The attack happened on the Ides of March (101), the shooter is called Brenton (101), terrorist and assassin both equal to 101, so does Church and Christian (the attack happened in Christchurch). The shooters manifesto had the title the Great Replacement, equaling to 101.

A new clue is, that Riccarton, the are where the shooting took place, equals also 101 as well as 142. And not just that: it has a perfect overlap with Christian in all of the basic four English ciphers, which is incredibly unlikely.

101 Riccarton (Christchurch).PNG

101 47 142 61 Riccarton Christian.PNG

In San Francisco we have the Road 101 leading over the Golden Gate Bridge towards the Robin William Tunnel.

Philadelphia, which shares already the numbers 223, 118 and 1711, also equals 101 in the English base cipher. The 61 (18th Prime, as in 6+6+6) in Christian and Riccarton also reminded me of the overlap of Philadelphia and Grim Reaper, connecting to the Grim Reaper video over the Golden Gate Bridge, published 1 year and 18 days before 8/11.

Philadelphia 101

65 61 Grim Reaper Philadelphia.PNG

There is also the Hoover Dam, which hasn't been a part in this entire riddle yet. However, there are many videos out there, connecting the Hoover Dam with Cern and opening a portal to the Abyss. This fits to the Golden Gate and Messiah symbolism of the 8/11 riddle. Hoover Dam equals 101.

101 Hoover Dam.PNG


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I have edited the credits:

Much of the St. Francis of Assisi information comes from The Glitch in Your Matrix