Bridge over Troubled Water & Jeff Bridges In The August 11 Riddle

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Every day we get more connections pointing to August 11 and San Francisco, with the Golden Gate Bridge, which I like to call the August 11 or simply 8/11 Riddle. The researcher The Glitch in Your Matrix found clues about the song 'Bridge over Troubled Waters' and Jeff Bridges. I have sat down and found a few more clues to add to that riddle.

Let's look at the facts:

Bridge over Troubled Water


What a prophetic name by Simon & Garfunkel for our date of interest. Remember, we have our eye on the Golden Gate Bridge, representing Osiris, Sun, Ascension, the Golden Gate in Jerusalem as well as the Golden Gate central sun and black hole in the Milky Way. This is the counterpart of New York and the Statue of Liberty, with Isis, Moon, Descension and the Silver Gate. But there is more, as always.

Concert in San Francisco on August 11

The song came up because Paul Simon is playing it in San Francisco on August 11, 2019, announced on March 22. That is the Skull and Bones day and the beginning of the Season of Sacrifice. August 11 is the 223rd day of the year, the reversed 322.

Bridge Over Troubled Water Paul Simon concert August 11 Outside Lands.jpg

Gematria of the Song

We have 88 in the Chaldean cipher, a minor cipher that I am usually not looking at but I thought it would be a good reminder for you to think about the 88. 88 is 8x11, the number of time, Saturn, the Twin Towers and WTC ONE, Trump, San Francisco, the Great American Eclipse in 2017 had its zenith on the 88th Meridian West and much much more.

88 Bridge over Troubled Water.PNG

In the Keypad cipher, which arguably might be the most commonly used cipher in the world, used by all of us nearly every day on a subconscious level, the song even equals 118.

118 Bridge over Troubled Water.PNG

The Location

The location for the concert is the Outside Lands Music and Arts Festival, which equals 118.

118 Outside Lands Dance Music and Arts Festival (Bridge over Troubled Water).PNG

Outside Lands also equals 181, which is the 42nd Prime Number. Not the right order but still the numbers of our date of interest.

181 Outside Lands (Bridge over Troubled Water).PNG

181 (42nd Prime).PNG

Song Dates

The Song was recorded on November 9, 1969 (which is a 119/911 day) and was released on January 20, 1970.

Bridge over Troubled Water.PNG

What is fascinating about these dates, is that they are exactly 47 years before Trumps election and 47 years before Trumps inauguration as president.

47 years from Bridge over Troubled Water recording to Donald Trump election.PNG47 years from Bridge over Troubled Water to Donald Trump inauguration.PNG

47 is a very important number to freemasonry, as for example WTC 7 was 47 floors tall with 47,000 square feet on each floor. Also, George H W Bush, who is very important in the 8/11 riddle (equals 118, died 8m and 11d before it and much more), was initiated into Skull & Bones in the year 1947.

Next clue: From the release of the song to August 11, 2019 are 18100 days. That is again the 181 we were looking at earlier for 'Outside Lands'.

From release of Bridge over Troubled Water to August 11 are 18100d (118).PNG

Elvis Presley Cover

Elvis made an early cover of the song in 1970. Check out the clues from Wikipedia:

Elvis version of Bridge over Troubled Water.png

Among many other times, he played the song on August 11, which is exactly the version that made it into his Documentary Elvis: That's the Way It Is.

Another live performance was filmed for yet another documentary about him, on April 14, 1972, in Greensboro, North Carolina. From that day to August 11, 2019 are 47 years and 119 days. Incredibly significant numbers. This documentary won a Golden Globe.

Elvis Presley sings Bridge over Troubled Water at Golden Globe April 14 1972 to August 11 is 47y 119d.PNG

That performance took place in Greensboro, North Carolina. 'Greensboro' equals 118 and 'Greensboro, North Carolina' equals 122. I am explaining more about the 122 below but San Francisco lies on the 122nd Meridian West.

118 Greensboro.PNG

122 Greensboro, North Carolina.PNG

Jeff Bridges

From past Golden Globes to the latest in 2019: Jeff Bridges, received an honorary Golden Globe. How fitting, as his name is just too good to be true for the Cabal(ah), in regards to the Golden Gate Bridge. Don't worry, there is more (there always is).

Jeff Bridges receives Golden Globe 2019.jpg

Gematria of The Big Lebowski

Mr. Bridges played the role of 'The Dude', as highlighted in the article screenshot above, in the very symbolical movie 'The Big Lebowski'. Let's begin to analyze the Gematria of it. The highlighted 'The Dude' equals 122, a very important number.

122 The Dude (The Big Lebowski, Jeff Bridges).PNG

San Francisco lies on the 122nd Meridian West.

122 Meridian West San Francisco.PNG

We also have San Francisco and Pope Francis (like San Francisco named after St. Francis of Assisi) equaling 122, as well as 'Golden State' (California's nickname).

122 San Francisco.PNG

122 Pope Francis.PNG

122 Golden State.PNG

The Dude is also 119 in the Francis Bacon cipher.

119 The Dude (The Big Lebowski, Jeff Bridges).PNG

Dates of The Big Lebowski

The world premiere of 'The Big Lebowski' was on January 18, at the 1998 Sundance Film Festival. What a date! It can be read 1/18 or 118. Just like August 11.

118 The Big Lebowski World Premiere (Jeff Bridges).PNG

The Sundance Film Festival equals 118.

118 Sundance Film Festival (The Big Lebowski, Jeff Bridges).PNG

It also equals 45.

45 Sundance (The Big Lebowski, Jeff Bridges).PNG

45, just like Golden Gate, Trump being the 45th president, on August 11, 2019, the 45th Mayor of San Francisco has her 45th birthday, just like Bridge, Mike Pence, Holy Bible, Eid al-Adha (Festival of Sacrifice, takes place August 11) and like Waldo Grade (behind Golden Gate Bridge) and like Mayor League (World Series Reunion of 1989 earthquake match takes place on August 11 in San Francisco).

The Big Lebowski was premiered in the Eccles Theater, which equals 227 - just like the height of the Golden Gate Bridge in meters. 22 devided by 7 approximates Pie with 3.14 and is a very important number because of that and because it is the 49th Prime Number.

227 Eccles Theater (The Big Lebowski, Jeff Bridges).PNG

Credits and More

Here is the video from The Glitch in Your Matrix, which put my attention to both Jeff Bridges and the Bridge song.

And here is a video, with more Gematria stuff, partly about The Big Lebowski and its symbolism and numbers.

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