I Was Narcaned 12 Times In 2016, It Saved My Life When Many People Would Say I Didn’t Have A Life Worth Saving

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"Stupid junkies, I have to pay for my Insulin but you get Narcan FOR FREE. I cant believe this bullshit! Your better off dead!"

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It's a miracle that this junkie is alive today. I'm this Junkie. I'm a Miracle!

There is a difference between choosing to do drugs and choosing to become addicted. In 2015, over 1/3 of Americans were given a prescription of opioid medications. That's around 107 million people, but only 2.4 million people became addicted.

Generally, a prescription runs 3 days to a month, so it's not because one person took the pills longer than the other and became addicted. It's not because one person took them as prescribed and the other didn't. It boils down to different neurobiology and circumstances in a persons life that happened previous to addiction.

If drugs were just the issue- then all 107 million people should have became addicted. That just isn't the case. Was it because one group of people were "weaker" than the other? Perhaps a weaker supply of dopamine, which by the way, isn't a choice.

Research what happens in the brain when someone becomes addicted before you comment on my articles and judge an addict that overdoes.


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I Myself overdosed 12 times in 2016, I certainly would not be here if it were not for the life saving drug Naloxone. Naloxone, commonly referred to as Narcan is a "medication designed to rapidly reverse opioid overdose."

Though in 2016 I hated Narcan but that more or less just was just because I was fucked in my head. I was so broken and lost I welcomed the overdose that would take me out for good.

Thankfully that day never came thanks to Narcan. saved my live when I didn’t even care about it. It kept me alive long enough until I regained control and cared about my life.

So when I hear comments like.

"Stupid junkies, I have to pay for my Insulin but they get Narcan FOR FREE. Can you believe that bullshit?"

I just want to tell them.

Yeah that is bullshit you have to pay for your Insulin!

But there are Insulin programs out there. On a quick google search I found needhelppayingbills.com/free_insulin which helps you find Insulin for free or at a low cost.

Now places like The Baltimore needle exchange program give Narcan away for free and I support harm reduction programs. But the truth of the matter is there really are not allot of them. More often than not an ambulance is called and you are sent to the emergency room, you have to pay for that. Or Narcan is bought at CVS or Walgreens where it cost $130 for a two-time use nasal spray.

So the whole Narcan vs Insulin debate in my opinion is just uneducated people doing what uneducated people do best.
Talking shit and giving there opinions not based off facts with no research.


Thank youRebel Recovery for all of the Narcan you donated!
These amazing life saving harm reduction tools will be passed out in while I'm in Los Angeles next week, primarily Skid Row.

If you are not familiar with Rebel recovery and their mission you should check them out! They really are an amazing organization that is truly out here saving lives!

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