GEET Update 12 - Salutations!

in geet •  2 years ago 

Good day everyone! I haven't been active with my posts so here is a run down of what is going on.

The last post made showed the blue generator running under load. This was a huge step in the right direction. I've got a compressor and some new tools to help move forward with the work I am doing.

Camp is done for the season also which means more time for GEET and other projects to do with the homestead and other concepts that @synergyu is sharing.

Classes - This is something we have dropped hints about here and there, but, we will be posting online training. The first video is just about done. The subject will be about the Reactor itself and how to build it.

Why would this be the first video set? Because this is something that was brought to my attention recently about the current videos out there, they do not show how it is built. We talk about how this tech can do great things and how we need more collaboration, more reach, etc... but how the hell is it built?

Well, the first set will be building the reactor. Then I will move it into the Rod and how to make that. These videos are only the start to what we are looking to do.

For those that want hands on, I will hold in person workshops here in NH at my residence. The benefit to this will always come back to hands on learning being the best guide. I will provide an engine, you will build the reactor and put it on the engine.

So when is the next class? I think it is going to be December. Last night we had a raging storm pass through the area and I have significant water damage in my kitchen. Being the hands on person I am, I will be doing most all the work. To that point, anyone who wants to come and learn how to repair a home, we can add GEET into the mix as well and it will be a double win for you :)


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