GEET Training - Exhaust Flange

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Here is the Exhaust Flange portion of the training. Also to note, David (@geetinstitute and @davidpantone) and I have been invited to do a talk show Sunday night at 10pm.

Remember folks, please leave feedback. The videos are easier now to make now that I am getting more comfortable with training via video :)

To be a part of that you can find it here:

Minnow Mayor Town Hall it's on msp-waves hosted by @aggroed Show can be watched in Discord

This pic is my first demo unit built. Notice the change in temperatures. After sending this to Paul, I was told I was getting an efficient burn but needed to move my reactor a little further from the engine itself.



Training Video:

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It is a great invention of modern science.
It is also an educative value.
I will wait for your upcoming post .
Thanks for sharing.
@Resteem done